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Artful Home Madison, WI (online & catalog only)

Everett & Charlie Gallery Minneapolis, MN

2021 Festivals

Minnetonka Center for the Arts Holidays Show and Sale

MN Pottery Festival July 24th & 25th Hutchinson, MN

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Beth Hatlen Elliott

“Creating new artwork and bringing my ideas to life is my passion. I love creating functional pieces of art that also bring beauty to the world. It can be hard to let go of a new piece because they all feel so personal but knowing my artwork brings someone pleasure make me so happy.”

All of Beth Elliott’s work is created from her original illustrations. No two pieces are ever alike. Her porcelain work is wheel thrown and painted with underglaze then carved using a technique called Sgraffito. While the interior of her work is always glazed, the exterior is often left unglazed and hand sanded to an eggshell finish. The tactile quality of the maker’s tool marks begs to be touched.

Untitled photo
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